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Evaluation and review


Higher education institutions require effective, regular and systematic processes for evaluating and reviewing their activities. We have extensive international and national experience in reviewing organisational units,

educational programs and initiatives, providing concise reports and recommendations to support the future

directions of organisations and initiatives. We have considerable experience serving as Chairs and panel members of organisational reviews throughout Australia and internationally, e.g. Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Mauritius. more

Institutional planning and strategy for teaching quality


As part of quality assurance, higher education institutions need to plan, align, resource, monitor and improve their academic processes and practices in order to achieve improvement in student outcomes. Our Senior Consultants have worked with public and private institutions across Australia and internationally to design strategic interventions for enhancing

teaching quality which is informed by sectoral best practice and benchmarked against robust more

Academic and educational development


Academic development and ongoing professional learning is more important than ever with increased casualisation of the academic teaching staff and the rapid pace of change being experienced in institutions of higher education. Our senior consultants have established, run and worked within centres for teaching and learning in leading Australian universities. We have worked with all levels in universities and higher education institutions (from Deputy Vice Chancellors to tutors) to support teaching, curriculum planning, and deliver professional development more

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Course and program review


Higher education institutions engage in systematic and comprehensive cycles of

review of courses and programs as part of their commitment to reflective practice, learning and improvement. We have served as course and program reviewers for universities and private higher education courses throughout Australia and internationally including in Hong Kong and New more

Curriculum planning  and evaluation


Sound curriculum planning and ongoing evaluation is a process that requires the input of teams to ensure relevance, coverage and quality. We have substantial experience leading and working with curriculum teams inside and outside Australia to plan and design curriculum that has robust learning outcomes, powerful and consequential assessment and feedback and teaching and learning activities that engage students actively in- and out-of-class and more

Assessment design and implementation


Assessment is the driver of quality learning but is sometimes the last thing to be refreshed, relying instead on long established processes and methods. The need to up date assessment for currency and authenticity is crucial. We have worked with higher education providers to design and implement assessment at unit, program and institutional more

National and international teaching awards and grants


National agencies, institutions and disciplines have created teaching awards to

promote teaching excellence. We have contributed significantly to policy and procedures for institutional and national teaching awards and grants and have led,

supported and written our own successful more

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Academic integrity


As the cohorts of students entering university become evermore diverse the need to effectively induct students in scholarly expectations and protocols is an ongoing challenge. We have developed and supported academic integrity initiatives at school, faculty, institution and national more

Academic governance


Academic governance provides oversight and leadership of an institution’s academic activities through overarching structures, policies and processes. We have extensive experience as advisors and in senior roles in academic governance, as chairs and members of Academic Boards of universities and private higher education more

Scholarly activity and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) remains an obstacle for many academics and yet researching their own teaching  is perhaps the best way to enhance the quality of Teaching and Learning across an institution. We have established, led and supported initiatives for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) groups for universities and private higher education institutions seeking to meet the requirements of scholarly activity. more

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