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Professor Jane Long
  • Senior Consultant

      Higher Education Evaluation and Development (HEED)

  • Professor Emerita, University of Tasmania

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

  • Fellow of The Royal Historical Society (UK)

J Long.jpg

Jane is an independent board director, higher education consultant and adviser who specialises in institutional strategy, executive mentoring, academic change management, quality and risk assessment, and the creation and maintenance of effective teams in diverse higher education settings. Jane prioritises effective problem-solving, and values-driven, people-centric approaches in all that she does.

She was most recently Provost at the University of Tasmania.  Prior to that, she was Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Melbourne’s La Trobe University and has also held senior and executive positions at the University of Western Australia. For more than two decades, she has led successfully significant institutional portfolios including International; Research and Research Services; Teaching and Learning; Student Life; Academic Culture; and Academic Workforce Planning. 

As a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and active current independent board director, she brings deep business acumen to her work as a consultant. As a nationally awarded teacher and researcher, recognised as a Fellow of The Royal Historical Society (UK), and an academic with more than 30 years of experience, she has an abiding commitment to academic excellence and to the scholarly values which make universities thrive.

Jane also has experience in a range of local and state government settings, private industry, and cultural institutions beyond the academy that complement her deep knowledge of higher education. Most recently she was appointed to the board of the Community Arts Network (WA).

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